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東京都歴史文化財団主催しているTOKAS (Tokyo arts and space)の国内制作交流プログラムに参加するため2019年の9月から11月の三ヶ月間、Tokasのアーティストインレジデンス施設に滞在しました。



For three months from September to November 2019, I stayed at the TOKAS which is an artist-in-residence  in Tokyo . I joined to  the Local creator program hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture.

My theme of my works have been “About Our savage which cannot fit in the excessive rational society”. And I would like to confirm how Our society goes too rational direction.

 In japan, Nowadays is the time for preparing head to Tokyo Olympic. So I researched how changes our Society getting too rational during this opportunity .

Too rational change made the delete which were the old and The traditional tings, and original things .and that also makes inorganic contraction site. I felt that Especially Our savages were getting lost by too rational society. It made me sure that Our society is getting too rational.   During the residency, I tried to make big sculpture which use primitive way named “WADUMI”.  And also I could find my own Asian identity from visiting many Japanese and Asian museums in Tokyo. I could feel the relation between The primitive power in the ancient pottery named HANIWA and The savage which included in my works. 

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