Tigher House Studio 上海でのアーティストインレジデンスについて 

2018年8月の3週間にわたって、上海のShun Art Galleryが主催する「TIGHER HOUSE STUDIO」でアーティストインレジデンス (滞在制作)を行いました。

石膏を使った立体制作と、絵画の制作を行い、ここで制作した作品をShun Art Galleryにて同年10月に行われた個展で旧作と同時に展示しました。






For three weeks in August 2018, I stayed at  artist-in-residence named “TIGHER HOUSE STUDIO” which hosted by Shun Art Gallery in Shanghai.


During the residence, I made three-dimensional works by  using plaster and  paintings .I exhibited them my works in my solo  exhibition at the Shun Art Gallery in Shanghai last October .

There are three Japanese artists at there in the time. we worked and lived together.


I went to the Shanghai Museum and many new private art museum in Shanghai, and I also watched around the scene of The Zhu Jia jio.

Many of the Chinese landscape paintings were much larger than those of Japan, and I was very impressed from it. 

I couldn't  understand immediately why I was attracted from it at the time.

But it did affect to my work now.

It appeared to the improvisation of  my drawing.